Our Story

For the last 40 years food has played a very important part in my life, and been my passion and my hobby. I have done everything from working as a waitress and for catering companies, to owning a breakfast and lunch café, and always entertaining at home for friends and family. I love it all. I love food, watching food shows on television, planning menus and, of course, eating. In restaurants, I can never select just one item on a menu and often “need” to share or taste everything. Buffet dining and potlucks are ideal for me.

However, over the last 5 -10 years, I have noticed that guests are more conscientious about what they eat. Many of my friends have various food allergies to gluten and shellfish, others keep Kosher and others are vegetarian or have other dietary concerns.

Guests find it embarrassing to continually try to guess what is in a particular dish where it’s not clear who made it or they can’t easily find the host to ask. To solve the problem, people choose only what they clearly know, or worse, they eat before the party and don’t enjoy the fare at all.

That is why I created Tablelabels™, a party food placecard. Tablelabels™ make it easy for guests to know what they are eating and for everyone to enjoy the food on their plate.

Many hosts already take the time to accommodate their guests’ special preferences. With Tablelabels™ party food labels you now have the perfect stylish way to let your friends and family know the food they are eating is safe. Guests will feel even more valued and included knowing you considered their dietary needs.

When the question is “What’s in it?” answer with “Tablelabels™”! You’ll be glad you did.

Use party food labels for your guests following vegan and vegetarian dining.
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