Frequently asked questions

What are tablelabels™?
Tablelabels™ are a “culinary place card” that identifies the name of the dish and ingredients. Often people with food allergies or dietary preferences wonder, “What’s in it”? when they see food prepared by others. With Tablelabels™ food place cards they can now make their necessary healthy food choices.

Why should we use tablelabels™?
Many people today have serious or life threatening food allergies, food sensitivities or simply have food preferences. Home cooks, caterers, and party planners go to great lengths to offer a variety of food alternatives for their guests; offering them options that include gluten free, dairy substitutes, and vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Tablelabels™ are the simple stylish way to let guests easily know you have considered their needs.

Who should use tablelabels™?
Tablelabels™ can be used by any home entertainer, home chef, caterer, or party planner. Tablelabels™ are perfect for any buffet style party for any and all occasions, celebrations or elegant affairs like weddings. They are great for any large gathering including Thanksgiving, New Year’s parties, birthday parties or even a BBQ. There are several Tablelabels™ design options to match any party decorations and are the ideal hostess gifts, party favor or stocking stuffers.

How do you use tablelabels™?
Tablelabels™ are very easy to use. Write the name of the dish, check off the appropriate items, fold them like you would any place card and place it next to the dish. If you are hosting a party and want your guest to know “what’s in it!” let them know with tablelabels™.

How were the food items selected for placement on the tablelabels™?
The Mayo Clinic’s website was one site used to identify many of the top food allergy symptoms and concerns that include nuts allergies, egg intolerances, yeast and shellfish allergies, as well as dairy and gluten (celiac disease) concerns.

Why are some food listed for what the ingredients “are” and some identified as “free” of an ingredient?
The words were selected very carefully as to what is usual and customary in normal everyday language usage.

What if my allergic food is not listed on the tablelabels™?
Tablelabels™ were designed with a blank line for just that reason. When you made a dish with a specific allergic concern, that is not preprinted, that ingredient can be written into the blank space.

Use food place cards and food labels for your holiday buffet to easily identify common food allergy ingredients.
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